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Million Dollar Skin on a Budget

Million dollar skin is every woman’s desire but can come with a hefty price to achieve and maintain. But it doesn’t have to, I’m going to show you how.
I have worked for a plastic surgeon for over 34 years, in the operating room for 16 of those years. In 1994 I was selected as one of the nurses to be trained to do Collagen injections in a pilot program. There were very few of us that were selected so I was very excited to begin that journey. After about 2 years of injecting patients I was asked if I would like to train nurses and doctors. I accepted and trained doctors and nurses how to inject Botox, Collagen, and on to the new fillers when they came on the market, which continued for almost 20 years. Then I returned to school to become a nurse practitioner which didn’t leave time for anything else. I still continued to do injections, as well as talking to patients about their skin and how to take care of it after facelifts and other facial surgeries. In 2018 I was honored to receive the Outstanding Achievement in Facial Aesthetics from Daytime Hollywood Beauty Awards for my years of practice and my love for educating and helping patients look and feel better.
I have been given more skin care product to test than I can even remember. Some I did and some I didn’t. The ones I didn’t try were either too expensive so I wouldn’t be able to continue using them or they smelled funny. Smell is a huge one for me because it will smell all day and I am in people’s faces literally, every day. If I don’t like the smell, I know patients won’t. The ones I did try had pretty packaging! I know that sounds funny, but women tend to choose the appearance of a product as seriously as the ingredients it may have. I have some very cute bottles as counter decorations but the products weren’t very effective at all!
I have come to discover that age, lifestyle, diet, daily skin care routine, and budget makes a difference in what someone is willing to use and how much time they are willing to devote to a routine. Remember, we all have that drawer full of expensive and slightly used products!
I have some secrets for every skin type and tailoring your regimen to you. It starts with what you already have in your drawer.
If you were in my office for a consultation, I would ask what products you are currently using. Then we would talk about adding or subtracting items and replacing them with products that would be more effective for your skin. When you do it one at a time it is much easier on the pocketbook.
Let’s start….take your products out of the drawer and look at them. What are they supposed to do for you? Are you using them in the correct order? What are you trying to accomplish with these products? Do you have cleanser, toner, active ingredients, sunscreen, etc?
Cleanser- is it for your skin concern? Oily, dry, normal? Creamy or foaming? You can use what you have, to decide what type you like best.
Toner- balances your skin Ph. There are different kinds, so you want the one for your skin concern. If it is just a normal astringent type you can still use up the bottle. It will still help your skin even if it isn’t addressing the concern.
Tools- used right after toner and before your active ingredient. I use a microneedling roller (more info to come on this, keep reading). There are other tools that help stimulate the skin, relieve lymphatic congestion, and ease redness. Those are fine, I just don’t use any of those. I like the fact that my products can be delivered right to the cells for that cell turnover/collagen producing effect.
Active ingredients in your products: Retinol, Vitamin C, or Hyaluronic acid, to name a few. We can make it work.
Hydration/moisturizer- this is where certain products are better than others, but to find out which one is best, pick one and see how you like it.
Sunscreen- you need a good sunscreen and most everyone has some in the said drawer. Some makeups do have sunscreen in them but generally it is not enough for your daily protection especially if you are out in the sun. UVA/UVB is the best coverage. Remember to reapply it when you are out in the sun.
This list is the order of your product use. First cleanse your face, then apply toner, use your roller, then apply the active ingredient, hydrate/moisturize, then sunscreen.
Now we can talk about tools. I have a microneedling roller and I love it. Home use rollers are 0.25mm or 0.3mm. Anything longer than that is generally best done in a professional setting. But it still works.
If you don’t have one, they are sold everywhere (Amazon is my favorite shopping place). I use the one that comes with my products and it is a 0.3mm roller and lasts a year. I do have a 0.75mm (from Amazon) for once a week, but I don’t recommend it until you are a seasoned roller. I noticed significant changes in my skin within one month and even more changes at 6 months. The use of a microneedling roller increases the benefits of your products by 40% and more. It makes microchannels in your skin so the product can get below the surface and cause cell turnover and collagen production. Without it, you are simply layering products on the top of your skin. If you don’t use your products in the right order, they won’t work. For example: moisturizers have larger molecules than the active ingredients and will block them from doing their job.
There are many over the counter products that can be effective, but I have found as I age the less effective they were. I had to switch to big girl products!
With a drawer full of products it can be confusing. If you need guidance you can email me. I can help you through the process.